No woman's self confidence can be built, restored, or strengthened by telling her she needs a #makeover. 


When you leave our workshops, we want you to feel more beautiful and empowered. We'll never use the M-word (makeover) in our studio. We love that gorgeous face of yours, it doesn't need a makeover. 

We welcome you to The Makeup Room, a safe place where you can talk about all things beauty. Our customized, hands-on classes are created to help you see the beauty you already have. 

With each lesson, you'll leave with a new set of tools and a clearer understanding of what you can do to play up your features. You'll know exactly what to do each morning with no feelings of confusion or being overwhelmed. 

We teach. You listen.

The end result is personalized gorgeousness.

If you'd like too:

* Stop feeling clueless about makeup.

* Ditch your current makeup routine since it has lasted longer than many marriages!

*  Look more polished and are craving a change. 

* Stop feeling like makeup is overwhelming and confusing.

* Stop feeling guilty about buying makeup when you don't know what to do with it.

* Forever end your dependence on the pushy sales ladies at cosmetics counters. 

Then Girl, You're In The Right Place!

Grab a girlfriend. Take a workshop. 

Learn new tricks that are perfect for you.

Love your makeup. Find a look that enhances your beauty. 

We'll be with you every step of the way!